Boat Lift

BOAT LIFT mobile boat haulers can be used in any docks for craft hauling and launching operations and canguarantee the utmost safety and reliability.
To meet operators’ needs all our machines feature an electronic control steering systemfor a perfect wheel alignment under any circumstances, relieving the operator of frequent and manual alignment operations that are peculiar to conventional systems. The 90°- degree steering system (optional) makes our machines easy to manoeuvrewith reduced radius of action and guarantees a perfect functionality even when they deal with the lack of space.
These technologic solutions enable the operator to select the gear modes he requires just by using a radio control: 4 steering wheels, 2 steering wheels (front/rear), diagonal movement, sideways movement, concentric rotation. Manoeuvres are run and checked either by the radio control or by control cable, both included. For further safety, machines can also be driven directly by hydraulic distributors (emergency function).
BOAT LIFT machines are equipped with a weighing systemcomplete with load cells, mounted on blocks; this system has a double function:

  • to limit the lifted load beyond the admitted capacity (three attention/ operation thresholds)
  • to control craft total, aft and forward weight through display on the radio control monitor for a prompt figure reading.


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